Well no need to worry thanks to the UK’s leading garden supplier, Hozelock’s and Celebrity Gardener, David Domoney’s ‘Gardening For Life Campaign’. They have joined forces to help make your holiday preparation stress free. Hozelock supplies a number of products to ensure having a break doesn’t mean deserting your garden.

TV gardener David Domoney, who understands the stress people go through when preparing the garden before taking that break, said: “We all want to keep plants happy when on holiday. A few simple watering tricks and watering solutions will ensure you can have a great, stress free holiday without the worry that you’ll return to find a sea of dead plants.

“To keep your garden going in your absence, a little planning is called for.”

David Domoney has three top tips to keep your garden in tip top shape whilst you’re away:

  1. Invest in watering solutions that can keep your buds and borders moist whilst you’re away.
  2. A day or so before you leave; weed your beds (weeds compete for water).
  3. Cut the grass and pile the clippings near the beds. This kills two birds with one stone. Not only will the lawn be neater when you return, but you now have a mulch.

Lisa Jordan, Marketing Manager of Hozelock explains: “Hozelock products are designed to help make garden life stress free. Our latest Gardening For Life Campaign shows it’s definitely good to be outdoors and it’s good to get your hands dirty, but when holiday getaways are needed, Hozelock can look after the garden for you.“

Hozelock’s watering solutions will help the plants to survive and encourage the buds to bloom without the need for the friendly neighbour or nearby family.

Hozelock’s Automatic Holiday Watering Irrigation System will automatically water your patio, garden pots and hanging baskets, freeing you up to enjoy your holiday.

Equally, just when you thought growbag growing couldn’t get easier – it does! Hozelock’s Growbag Waterer is a simple solution that is easy to set up and fully reusable and does the job by keeping the plants watered for up to 14 days!

Alternatively, cover the soil surface with Hozelock’s water-absorbing gel, watering it so that it swells and absorbs water. The gel provides a protective barrier to stop water evaporating from the compost and also gives the compost some moisture.

David Domoney concludes: “If you the cut the grass, trim the edges and use water saving products such as Hozelock’s, your garden will survive happily without you and you can relax and enjoy your holiday.”

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